Realtor Basics

Do You Know What it Takes To Be A Realtor?

Who has the right stuff?

Becoming a Full Licensed Broker/Realtor, they say,  isn’t that difficult, therein, is why there are so many! But – becoming an established Full Licensed Broker/Realtor is more difficult for most and requires more than the license. Not to be misunderstood, studying for and passing the State and Federal License exams, plus three (3) Post Licensing exams within the first 18 months are not for the faint, when it comes to studying and learning Real Estate and the Law in North Carolina. Then there is the immediate expense which is significant and most are perpetual. Allow me to take you into the details for a better understanding of what it takes;


Initial Investment-

Pre-Licensing Prep Courses – School 75 -79 hours – $479.00 – Books – $110.00

Pre-Licensing National and State Exams – Provisional Broker – $96.00

Note: National and State Licensing Exams – 70-75% to pass

(North Carolina is one of the hardest, if not THE hardest state to     get your Real Estate license Feb 23, 2016) Jan 2019 Avg. pass rate under 50%

3 – Post Licensing Exams (30 hours ea.) for Full Broker accreditation–

301, 302, 303 @ $269.00 ea. = $807.00

Signs, For Sale, Open House and Rider signs – $65.00 each or bulk rates can apply


Annual Continued Education (CE) 8 hours- Elective – 4 hours and Book = $393.00

Carolinas Regional Realtors Association – MLS Membership

Quarterly Dues – $165.00 + Electronic Access Key – $30.00 = Annually $780.00

Membership Annually –  $500.

NC Privilege License Annually – $45.00

Firm Affiliation – Annually – $800. – $22,000  Firm Fees vary

*Website and other advertising methods at the Agent’s discretion.

*Office and General Business Overhead


First year – Initial Investment – $1019.00 + $538.00 within 18 months

Plus Perpetual Annual – $1718.00 + Affiliation Fees or Commission Caps $800.00 – $22,000



Now that the license and monetary investments are established and on-going for the Agent, the Agent must now learn the process of successfully navigating the transactional procedure of Listing and Buying real property! So WHO teaches these licensed Agents to practice?


Cynthia Team,
Realtor-Broker, BIC, CPO, Designer
TEAMRE– Southern Homes of the Carolinas
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