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Searching for Real Estate?
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With so many places to look for homes, there is a syndicated hub that pulls public real estate records. This syndication solicits realtors to buy advertising on these sites. The information on these sites is not kept current. Always remember, these sites are primarily for advertising not for bringing you accurate real estate information.
Advertising is BIG BUSINESS / BIG BUCKS!
With all of the sites you have available to search real estate be careful not to include your personal contact information. Your information is valuable. These sites share your information over and over again, then guess what? You will be inundated with robo / spam calls. These sites make money by advertising with realtors and selling your information. Within our website we have made sure your information is safe.
MLS is the only TRUE portal to find the most up to date information on a property. 
You need a realtor to access the MLS system. Our new website was developed to allow you direct access to MLS to search. No one will contact you and your device won’t make creepy pop-up ad suggestions.
Let your search begin…….
What are you waiting for?
Start here:
From the Home page go to the “Community Search” tab
Select the area you would like to search
Choose your own criteria for the search.
Give us a call if you have any questions, we look forward to helping you.

Cynthia Team

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