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With how volatile the market is right now, there is still plenty of demand for housing as this passes – we’ve been told the economy will come back because the underlining numbers are strong enough to bounce back. To some extent, clients out there could see some opportunities to buy without bid wars. Homeowners have more equity today that can be restructured to roll in debt and / or put cash in your pocket – give yourself cash today!
Let us know if we can help.
Don’t be afraid! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
Here’s a few safety tips to protect you during this outbreak:
* (COVID-19) transmits and behaves like the common cold or the flu. This means it can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and by touching your eyes or mouth after coming in contact with the virus. This is why washing your hands is of utmost importance.
This means you MUST wash your hands before eating anything. If you touch something contaminated and then you eat a sandwich, you could contract the virus.
Use hand sanitizer often
When you’re out shopping for groceries, you may see a little dispenser of hand sanitizer near the entrance. Use it.
Everything you touch in public has the potential to be contaminated.
If you have hand sanitizer, use it after you you come in contact with something that hasn’t been effectively disinfected to your direct knowledge.
NOTE: Effective hand sanitizers should have an alcohol content of at least 60%
Practice Social Distancing
If you know someone who is sick, avoid physical contact with them. That means no hugs, no kisses and no shaking hands. If you touched something that they just touched, wash your hands.
Chances are if you know someone with the coronavirus, they are most likely in some form of quarantine. However, if you happen upon an individual with coronavirus who has not been quarantined yet, don’t come in physical contact with them.
Don’t worry about hurting their feelings either. They will understand.
Stay in your house unless you need to:
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Need to see a doctor
  • Need to go to work (if you’re not working from home)
That’s pretty much it. That means no bars, no restaurants, no clubs, no gyms, no theme parks. Hunker down until this blows over.
Clean and disinfect surfaces you use regularly!
  • Spray the surface with the disinfectant.
  • Wipe the surface clean with a wash cloth or paper towel. Really scrub it down.
  • Spray the surface again.
  • Dab it with the wash cloth or paper towel and let it evaporate.
The idea is to both scrub away any germs and keep the disinfectant on the surface for as long as possible.
If you are using a disinfecting wipe, make sure you apply pressure when scrubbing.
One of the absolute best ways to protect you and your family is to work from home if you are able.
The EXCITING NEWS is, we have a new and improved website.
We wanted a more interactive website that would help you navigate finding the information that relates to Real Estate more easily.
So if you are cooped up and have the time…… 
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Cynthia Team

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